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Quality care and attention
for your family pet


Creature Comforts Pet Lodge Address

3191 State Highway 1,
(1.5km North of Sanson),
Palmerston North 4479,
New Zealand

Phone: (06) 329 3787

Our Services

Dog Boarding (all sizes)
Cat Boarding
Doggy Day Care
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding
Bird Boarding

What People Say

Clay spent 4 days at Creature Comforts and came home a very happy dog. Will definitely come back to you for his next holiday.

- Samantha Mason

Welcome to the Creature Comforts Pet Lodge Cattery

Here we care for your precious cat, who will be given lots of love, attention and have a home away from home.

Our cattery has recently been built, which is positioned well away from the kennel area and for the sun. It features three separate cattery units which enables us to house our guests amongst these rooms to better cater for each individual. Therefore, giving them more time out of their individual cage to explore the play equipment, enjoy the sunshine in the conservatory and have a relaxing stress-free stay. The cattery also features double glazed windows and is fully insulated so it is a safe, cosy, quiet haven – just as puss likes it!

A cat in a basket


We feed a premium, highly palatable diet suitable for all breeds. If your feline friend is on a special diet (e.g. Hills u/d etc) we recommend you bring it along for the duration of their stay with us.

Vaccination certificates must be presented upon arrival prior to checking in (eg Tricat,Felocell 3 or Ducat) and vaccinations must be current. Check with your vet prior to booking.

Please remember: NO VACCINATION = NO BOARDING. We have no exceptions to this rule. This helps protect your cat and other cats from spreading or catching harmful diseases. Please ensure that your cat’s flea and worm treatments are up to date and will cover them during the whole length of their stay.

Male cats over 6 months old must be neutered.

You are welcome to come view your pet’s prospective holiday home but please come during our business hours. Our business is 24 hours a day and we need uninterrupted time to care for our guests, therefore we do ask you respect our hours. Drop offs and Pick ups out of our business hours incur a $30 Out of Hours Fee.

Our rates are $14.00  per day per cat

$50 per pet for no shows - not turning up for your booking

If while you are away you wish to shorten the  stay, the price will remain the same unless you notify us during the business hours of the the prior  time slot. eg let us know in the morning by 10.30am  if you are going to pick up in the afternoon or let us know by 6pm if your pet will get picked up  the following morning

Prices are subject to change without notice. 



Address: 3191 State Highway 1, Sanson RD9, Palmerston North 4479, New Zealand Phone: (06) 329 3787