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Quality care and attention
for your family pet


Creature Comforts Pet Lodge Address

3191 State Highway 1,
(1.5km North of Sanson),
Palmerston North 4479,
New Zealand

Phone: (06) 329 3787

Our Services

Dog Boarding (all sizes)
Cat Boarding
Doggy Day Care
Rabbit & Guinea Pig Boarding
Bird Boarding

What People Say

Clay spent 4 days at Creature Comforts and came home a very happy dog. Will definitely come back to you for his next holiday.

- Samantha Mason

Welcome to the Creature Comforts Pet Lodge Boarding Kennels

Zach feeding dogs
We care about all our guests, like we would want others to care about our pet.

Here we care for your precious dog, who will be given lots of love, attention and have a home away from home.

Socialisation and fun are key to our guests’ enjoyment with ‘outside time’ for 2 – 3 hours am and 2 – 3 hours pm (weather permitting of course). We offer large grassed exercise areas for the more energetic guests and smaller, quieter spots for the elderly or shy. The facilities are comfortable, spacious, clean, hygienic and safe. We welcome inspection prior to booking, during our Business Hours.

Our Toy House is very popular with our smallest canine guests. It has a lovely courtyard for them to play in with access to day kennels and trampoline beds if they just want to chill out and watch their friends playing. The cottage is fully insulated so provides a warm cosy environment for them when they go to bed at night.

Meals are served morning and evening allowing all guests a siesta or ‘quiet time’ between 11am and 4pm (our closed time). This ensures adequate rest and digestion.

Guests staying longer than 10 days, during off peak times,  are treated to a complimentary bath on departure. We also regularly weigh our long term guests to make sure they are maintaining their check in weight. With lots of exercise time they can burn up lots of energy! Please read our Services for our daily boarding rates and other grooming options.

We feed a  diet suitable for all breeds. If your canine friend is on a special diet (e.g. Puppy Food, renal food) or a fussy eater we recommend you bring their own along for the duration of their stay. Please bring a generous amount for their stay, with it labeled with precise feeding instructions. That way we know how much we are to feed them and  can give extra if we feel they need it.  Raw food is welcome, we have a freezer/fridge for storage. 

We require all vaccinations to be up to date for any stay at the Kennels. Compulsory vaccinations are Canine Cough and the 5 in 1 vaccine, which includes Parvo Virus, hepatitis and distemper. A lot of owners also get protection for Lepto as well, although Lepto is not a compulsory vaccine for our Kennels. Please check all vaccinations are up to date at time of booking so that you may have time to get them vaccinated if it has lapsed as there is a stand down period.We will not accept any dogs without current vaccinations.

We are confident that your dog will have a great time when they stay at Creature Comforts Pet Lodge. Dogs that stay with us get lots of playtime and socialisation, lots of hugs and pats, good quality food, clean and comfy kennels and an experience that leaves them happy. In fact, we often warn the owners that they may find their dog sleeps a lot more than usual after their stay due to the extra stimulation and exercise they receive during their time with us.

Please remember: NO VACCINATION = NO BOARDING. We have no exceptions to this rule. This helps protect your dog and other dogs from the risk of spreading or catching harmful diseases. Please ensure that your dog’s flea and worm treatments are up to date and will cover them during the whole length of their stay.

 Our business is 24 hours a day and we need uninterrupted time to care for our guests, therefore we do ask you respect our hours. Drop offs and Pick ups out of our business hours incur a $30 Out of Hours Fee.


  • $25.00 per day for toy dogs staying in our Toy House (this is our discounted rate)
  • $27.00  per day for small, medium or large dogs
  • $30.00 per day for extra large dogs or if we have to provide extra meals
  • $35.00 per day for extra care/medical guest
  • Multi-dog family sharing discount for small/medium/large/extra large dogs:  $2.00 discount off the additional  dogs boarding fees (Xmas/New Year Holiday period & bookings involving School holidays and Public Holidays excluded)
  • $50 fee per pet for no shows - not turning up for your booking
  • Bitches in-season or potentially in season $30.00  per day regardless of their size - No boarding of in-season bitches over Xmas/ New Year period. If your bitch comes into heat during that stay there will be a $20 fee per day charge on top of  their boarding fee. 
  • Entire Males $2.00 extra per day
  • These prices are per day and the drop off day is counted as the first day. If you pick up by 10.30am you don't get charged an extra days boarding fee. 
  • If while you are away you wish to shorten the stay, the price for your pets stay will remain the same as the original booking. 
  • Out Of Hours fee of $30 apply to any drop offs or pick ups not in our opening hours and are by prior arrangement
  • When booking an out of hours pick up or drop off, please realise you will be charged from, or to, the previous, or  next, opening time. eg pick up Saturday afternoon you would be charged until Sunday afternoon, plus the $30 OOH fee or a Sunday morning drop off gets charged from the Saturday plus the OOH $30 fee.                                                                                                                                 
  •    Our bank account number is BNZ  02-0727-0162617-000

                          Prices are subject to change without notice

Toy dogs


Address: 3191 State Highway 1, Sanson RD9, Palmerston North 4479, New Zealand Phone: (06) 329 3787